Badea Family

Ioan Badea acquired the respect for the Christian principles and way of life from his parents. These are the values that he shares nowadays with his own family. Having married Simona Badea in 1994, Ioan has two sons, Andrei and Narcis.

Familia Badea

The Badea family focuses its entire attention on the education of the two boys who are attending one of the most prestigious private boarding schools in the UK – Bromsgrove School. Andrei and Narcis are passionate about sports (they both play rugby – Andrei in the school’s team and Narcis in the town’s team).

Andrei & Narcis Badea

Andrei plays the piano and Narcis plays the guitar. At Bromsgrove the teachers’ mission is to prepare them to succed in life by discovering their talents and guiding them to choose a career path best suited for their personality. Andrei and Narcis frequently receive their Headmaster’s commendations in his weekly Newsletter [1 | 2 | 3].



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