Ioan BadeaIoan Badea was born in Transylvania in 1972. He was raised in a balanced and cohesive family, with a sense of respect for work and admiration for the emblematic historical figures.

During his school years, he developed the ability to assimilate from the gifted teachers he met their learning methods rather than just raw information. Ioan Badea has ever since consistently supported the principles of formative – and not simply informative – education, which has the role of shaping personality. Information is now just a click away for most people; their background makes the difference.

Ioan Badea realised early on in his youth that he was meant for business. By now he looks back over more than 20 years of experience in business management, constantly following his guiding line: “In any field I get involved, my business will have the most dynamic expansion!” In the meanwhile, he achieved a Bachelor of Laws and became Doctor of Business Management H.C.

Ioan Badea is actively involved in the development of the Romanian business environment and uses his manager skills in projects he knows he can bring added value to. He held for some time the position of Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce of Bucharest, which he withdrew in 2009 for personal reasons.

Ioan Badea doctor in Business ManagementNevertheless, he has permanently shown a constant concern for the development of a healthy business environment in Romania. The Romanian market has great potential for the City or the Canary Wharf finance. Ioan Badea connects the experience and resources of important English investors with the opportunities and the fast growing pace of some emergent markets, such as Romania and other Eastern European countries.

In 2010, Ioan Badea established his residence in UK and is one of the directors of  Smith&Felton,  a Canary Wharf based company. In this position, Ioan Badea represents the company’s interests in Eastern Europe.

In 2008, Ioan Badea’s experience and involvement in the field of business management were acknowledged by the Leibniz University, USA. In the United Nations building in New York, alongside other few businessmen, he was offered the degree of Doctor of Business Management, H.C.

Since the beginning of his business career, Ioan Badea  has been a great supporter of charitable works. He is the founding president of Lions Club Mondial Bucharest and has represented this organization up to the level of Region Chairman for the Southeastern area of Romania.



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