Ioan Badea has been active for over 20 years, developing various business projects. At first he set up his own business, then invested and learned constantly. He understands business life as a fight in which you can lose a round or two, but as they say – what does not kill you only makes you stronger. He assumed every little failure in particular fields as a practical business lesson.

He feels most inclined towards a business man profile such as Warren Buffett’s, although his strong personality and innovative spirit also bring him close to Richard Branson, whose biography he esteems.

Ioan Badea is nowadays an investor and business developer in various fields. He focuses on attracting foreign investors to Romania, by participating in numerous business events in UK, Romania, Switzerland or USA.

Over the past few years he has been a main shareholder in companies from various fields, such as consultancy, project management, facilities or commerce. Ioan Badea is the Operations Manager of the London based Smith&Felton company for Eastern Europe.

His business philosophy is focused on innovation, development and added value. He strongly believes that the main asset in any business is human capital. Therefore he is constantly searching for brilliant minds to join him in his projects.

In order to stimulate the development of a competitive business environment in Romania, he initiates debates on topics such as the employee-employer relationship, the need to elaborate detailed business plans at a top level management, the best methods to attract foreign investors, the status of business clubs, the active involvement of businessmen in diplomatic activities or the true, original function of the Chambers of Commerce.

Ioan Badeaa and Rudolf GiulianiIoan Badea has put his principles into effect as a Vice-President of the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry and continues to make use of his ideas, creativity and international relations for the benefit of the business community. He is the Vice-President of the Romanian Investors Club and a member of the European Academy for Economic and Cultural Relations. In his name or on behalf of the companies he represents, Ioan Badea initiates, supports or participates in various business events in Bucharest, London, Rome, New York or Zurich.



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