Charity works

Ioan Badea’s area of interests includes also the charitable sector. The guiding principle of his charitable  works follows the adage according to which it is better to teach somebody to fish for himself, rather than giving him the fish. In other words, Ioan Badea does not seek to provide social protection through his charitable actions, but to invest in the future.

Ioan Badea - Lions

Usually, the charitable actions initiated by Ioan Badea aim to support the talented young people, who lack the necessary means to highlight their potential. Either we are talking about education, culture, art, sports or other fields, Ioan Badea spots and supports gifted people who need help in order to assert themselves. He also the sponsors some events that enhance people’s lives, such as the Romanian Heritage Festival from Niles, Chicago, Ilinois – event dedicated to the Romanian community around Chicago.

Since 2007, Ioan Badea is the founding President of Bucharest Lions Club Mondial. Lions Clubs International is the largest humanitarian association around the world –gathering over 11.3 million members worldwide from 200 countries and geographical areas. It includes people that have a social and moral status that motivates them to shape the faith of those whith fewer opportunities. The Members of Lions are bounded by friendship and animated by the strong desire to assist.



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